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Authentication (CyberSecurity)

Authentication is very important because it enables organizations to keep their networks secure by permitting only authenticated users to access its protected resources, which may include computer systems, networks, databases, websites and other network-based applications or services.

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SimKeyGo - Patented Authentication


29-Jan-2020: To be a member of techUK

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12-Dec-2019: To be a member of Bayes Centre Community

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Press Release

PolyDigi Limited — an authentication service provider announces partnership with IPification.
PolyDigi will integrate onto IPification’s platform to offer “SimKeyGo powered by IPification” to serve financial services industry.
Through this strategic partnership, PolyDigi and IPification will provide an innovative and secure authentication platform for both conventional and virtual banks. Banks and payment institutions can enjoy the benefits of IPification’s superior authentication user experience worldwide.
“We are very excited to partner with IPification and integrate our SimKeyGo solution to their GMID Box capabilities” said Curtis Chan, the CEO of PolyDigi. “It’s clear that banks and financial institutions are looking for a new, innovative, and affordable solution to attract, protect and retain their clients. Partnership with IPification means we will be able to provide banks and other financial institutions with a secure telco-based authentication service, and become an essential element to their businesses.”
“We believe that this is the best way to help banks, payment institutions, investment companies and their clients. They will all benefit from the newly integrated SimKeyGo powered by IPification platform,” said Harry Cheung, the founder and President of IPification.
“Partnership between IPification and PolyDigi will provide banks with the authentication solution which combines security, privacy, and user experience. I see this cooperation as a win-win for both parties,” said Stefan Kostic, a telco veteran, and IPification’s CEO.

About PolyDigi
PolyDigi delivers a patented SimKeyGo telco authentication service that allows banks to protect their apps and online internet banking service in real-time for their clients without any privacy issues.
To learn more about PolyDigi , please visit: www.polydigi.uk

About IPification
IPification offers an extremely secure telco authentication platform together with Mobile Connect to successfully start and expand their telco authentication to all businesses worldwide.
To learn more about IPification, please visit: www.ipification.com

We, PolyDigi, are accepted by one of the worldwide pronounced accelerator - RBS Accelerator! This will further develop our cyber security technologies to financial sector and our expansion in UK. Thank you very much for the privileged RBS panel and everyone who cares us! See you all in October 2019 in Edinburg, Scotland!

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