About Us

Polydigi Limited was founded in 2012, becoming an amazing Fintech company. After gaining recognition from Bank of China (Hong Kong) regarding the value of our patent usage, it looks forward to reach a goal that SIM cards authentication can facilitate secure account, payment and easy Know Your Customer (KYC) in the BOCHK FinTech Hackathon 2018. An achievement is worthily highlighted that our new technique - cyber security solution has won an honor in the BOCHK FinTech Hackathon, which our proposal was strictly selected out of 90 competitors’ applications that obviously expresses the technique is the best in the Hong Kong. We also had won the Smart City Award 2018- Outstanding Network Security Authentication.

 Mission and Vision

Contributing to the global community by providing the best Cyber Security when ONLINE.

Global innovative cyber security company inspiring a new life of sense of security, happiness and convenience.

*Our Values
PolyDigi’s core values are Innovation in Cyber Security, Authentication, Authorization & Accounting.

 Management Team:

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CEO/Founder – Mr. Curtis Chan
* BSc(Hons) in Manufacturing Engineering in Hong Kong Polytechnic University
* Over 5 years in Cyber Security Industries
* Over 15 years in games and services design and development

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COO - Mr. Alexander Chow
* An IT , E/M-commerce, R&D projects, Industry manufacturing managerial, cosmetic & medical device professional.
* With 20 years of experience in online and offline operation, production, R&D exposure over Asia
* Possess over 8 years of independent review and assess experience on projects and to-be-listed companies and MNCs.
* Honorable Degree of Economics (CUHK)

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CIO - Monika Ohashi
Founding member and Head of Business Development at Ginco Inc. - the largest wallet app/blockchain service provider in Japan
3+ years in blockchain industry
3+ years in PR, specialises in IT, cybersecurity, pharmaceutical and public sectors
Fully trilingual, English, Japanese, Mandarin, and have in depth understand all three cultures